History - 2010

Using JQuery to prevent multiple form submissions

17 Mar 2010

If a form submission is going to kick off a long running process on the server which needs to complete before a redirect takes place your users can be left wondering what is going on as their chosen browser's progress bar slowly and sporadically increments. This can result in the more impatient clicking on the submit button again or navigating away with various consequences depending on what your application is doing. Certainly if your authorising payments the last thing you want is for your use

ASP.NET MVC Unable to start debugging on the web server. The web server could not find the requested resource.

04 Mar 2010

I was playing around with the project settings of an ASP.NET MVC project to get it working in IIS instead of using the built in Visual Studio web server when I started getting the message shown in the post title above whenever I started the project in debug mode.
After and hour of searching the internet for solution without success I decided to check IIS's Metabase.xml file and found for this particular virtual ASP.NET MVC application the wild card mapping was configured as below:

StringDictionary keys are not case sensitive

01 Mar 2010

I stumbled upon this little quirk in the .NET framework today and thought I'd post about it as it had me stumped for a while.

I was passing a StringDictionary to a method and then looping through the keys and using them to replace key placeholders in a piece of text with the keys associated value.
However the result was that nothing appeared to have happened to the text that was supposed to be amended. After checking my keys matched the placeholders in the text I fired up V